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A roof is the upper cover of a structure and is used in homes to shield the home occupants from harsh weather and intruders. A roof can also be used to improve the appearance of a home especially when unique designs are used.  Though there are many types of roofs that can be distinguished by designs or materials used, it is expensive and strenuous to keep on repairing or replacing the roof.

This structure should be made to last longer and also withstand the climate it’s exposed to. Roofs will last decades if the following are put into consideration during the structure construction and all through their lifetime.

Regular Roof Maintenance

With proper maintenance plan; metal, slate and tile roofs can last one more than 50 years. Wood shake, Asphalt Shingle, Foam, Built-Up, and Single-Ply roofs can last from 10-30 years depending on the type. It is advisable for one to maintain their roofs at least two times a year.

During these maintenance sessions, the roof is checked for missing, loose or damaged shingles. A ladder can be used to check areas that are not easily accessible and the maintenance is not limited to twice a year. It is advisable to maintain the roof after a harsh weather season.

Preventive Measures To Help Your Roof Last Longer

As they say “prevention is better than cure”, a roof that has preventive measures put in place will last longer than others. A homeowner that has invested to trimming trees and other tall vegetation around their homes will have a long-lasting roof. Trees are known to deposit debris on roofs thus making them vulnerable to damages.

A coat of insulation helps the roof to be tougher to harsh weather conditions. Apart from maintaining good temperatures, rust and cracks will be prevented and also the roof appearance is improved.

Repair Roofing Problems Early 

One can be able to tell a damaged roof or one that is about to fall apart if they know how a good roof should look like.  With regular maintenance, a professional will have noticed how the roof looked like when new and will be able to pinpoint at problems as they arise. Some of the things one should keep an eye on include:

  • Accumulation of debris
  • Sagging, cracked or pitched roof
  • Loose, damaged and missing shingles/ other materials
  • Algae growth on roofs
  • Visibility of dump spots on the ceilings


Contract Experienced Professional Roofers 

There are roof professionals that can work on any roof design or type that one can think of. It is advisable to get a qualified and experienced residential roofing professional to work on a roof as the job needs to be delivered right fast. Hiring a professional commercial roofer to repair a poorly done roof can be expensive and might not bring out the design one had in mind.

A roof will last one long if they know how to maintain it and the fault signs to look for. Hiring a professional roofing company in Kelowna to install and maintain one’s roof is the first step towards being assured of a long-lasting roof. Roof professionals will also give advice on the kind of roof to install to withstand the climatic conditions of a particular location.