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The Great White North is known for its relentless winters. While Kelowna’s climate tends to be
much more temperate compared to other parts of Canada, it doesn’t mean locals are spared
from bitter winter chills. As gas prices in the Okanagan skyrocket and environmental
concerns about gas and energy use grow, Canadians are increasingly concerned with how
to stay warm while doing their part for the environment and without breaking the bank.
Thankfully there are measures you can take to winterize your home that can help in both

Your Roof

Your roof actually plays a huge role in the overall insulation of your house. Having a well
maintained roof can make a big difference in keeping your home warm. Before winter
strikes, take the time to clean out your drains and gutters. It’s not the most glamorous job,
but build of moisture and fall leaves can freeze when the temperature drops and cause
damage. Removing moss from your roof shingles is also advisable. Moss is also prone to
freezing and creating further damage to your roof. Ridgeline Roofing is one of the most well known
kelowna roofing companies if you’re looking to upgrade the functionality and appearance of your roof.

It’s always a good idea to check the ventilation in your attic as well. From your attic, you can
check for cracks or damage in your roof by looking for leaking or sunlight breaking through.
Cold air drifting in during the winter will make your house harder to heat up, raising both your
bill and usage.


Properly insulated windows can make one of the biggest differences in keeping your house
warm. We all know how expensive window replacements can be, but in the long run, it can
save you a lot of money on the gas bill, not to mention keeping you warm! Window insulator
kits are also an option. Though they’re not aesthetically pleasing, they are effective, and can
be used on less important windows such in the bathroom. If your windows are already well
insulated, cloth curtains or window covers can also help prevent cold drafts entering your
home. Another advantage of heavy curtains is that they can be used in conjunction with
window insulator kits to keep cold air out without compromising the aesthetics of the window.
Keep your heat on

One common error people make while heating their homes during the cold months is turning
the heat off as soon as the house warms up, or when they leave for the afternoon. The logic,
of course, is that periodically turning the heat off will use less energy and keep the heating
bill low. In reality, the opposite is true. When you periodically turn off the heat, your house
cools down, and much more energy is required to re-heat it once you turn it back on. It is
actually much more energy efficient to keep a house heated than it is to continuously heat it
back up. Of course, its always best to turn your heat if you are gone for multiple days at a

Bundle up!

Finally, one of the easiest ways to keep yourself warm in the winter is to put some layers on!
Socks, sweaters, and long pants can go a long way in keeping you warm without having to
crank the heat. There’s no reason to keep your house freezing cold, but layering up can
allow you turn the heat a bit lower, saving you money and consuming less energy.