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Our Kelowna roofers can handle any type and scope of commercial roofing project.

Commercial roofs are in most cases longer than the residential ones and need special expertise to get them right. You will find that a commercial roof may take a professional roof technician over a month to install depending on the size of the building. At Ridgeline Roofing we have commercial roofing professionals that will handle any roofing design you may think of.

Our company has invested in manpower, tools, and machinery to tackle any commercial roofing project presented to us. Our team is disciplined and works closely with building owners, property managers, architects, and contractors. This unity is what brings the best roof that meets your standards without straining your budget.


New Roof installation

Installing a commercial roof is an art that needs a trained and experienced roof professional. Our company’s roof technicians are trained to pay close attention to the least of the smallest detail. This is what has given us what it takes to be considered the best roofing company.

For the commercial roof to be considered perfect, we pay attention to the drainage area, strengthen the membranes and Seal all penetrations.

Roof repairs

It is a normal occurrence to have a faulty roof which is mostly noted through leaks, sagging or general appearance. Poor roof maintenance may lead to a damaged roof but we have some clients who call for repairs due to a poor first installation. We train our clients on signs to look for to detect a faulty roof that needs to be repaired.

  • Call our offices for roof inspection if you notice the following: 
  • Leaks
  •  Tenting or bellowing
  • Faulty flashing or pitch pockets due to Insufficient maintenance
  • Roof shrinkage that leads to flashings on nearby walls


Preventative maintenance

A roof will serve you for long if you frequently maintain it. It’s during these maintenance programs that problems are detected and repaired early enough. A roof technician will be able to remove any accumulated debris on your rooftop before they damage the materials.

The cost of preventive maintenance is not comparable to the amount you would spend if the roof was completely damaged calling for major repairs or replacement. Ridgeline Roofing charges a reasonable fee to maintain your commercial fee. We put the size and type of roof into consideration when placing a price on the service.

Commercial Roof Repair & Inspections


Roof replacement

Replacing a roof is a major decision that needs to be made by the owners or the management. This decision is made after a professional roof technician inspects the faulty roof and has no other better repair option.

Our professional roof technicians study the site and the building design to come up with the best-suited roof that will also favor the owners budget.

There are two options that our companies are good at when it gets to replace a roof. A tear-off involves bringing down the old roof and it is an expensive and tedious process. To save on cost, you can go for a re-roof that will have a new roof covering the old roof.


Roof inspections

Whether your commercial roof is new or old, a regular roof inspection is recommendable. Our roof technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to detect faults before they become extensive. The inspection involves:

  • Examining the building records and interviewing the building occupants to get any complaints
  • Inspecting the interior system of the roof
  • Determining any active guarantees.
  • Inspecting the entire rooftop
  • The entire building envelope is observed for any roof related problems
  • All roof based equipment and accessories are inspected for faults related to a faulty roof
  • The roof field and the roof perimeter are closely observed
  • Various options of actions to be taken are submitted together with a detailed report and proposal.
For all your residential and commercial roofing needs in Kelowna.