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We bring you a unique expertise on every roofing project we work on.

Residential roofing services are what you require for your home, garage and other places of residence. The designs used in roofing residential places are steep slope in nature and products like shingles, underlayments, and other accessories are used. You should hire a company that is well known to work on residential roofing projects if you need to have a job done right first.

We understand that our clients take pride in their places of residence as that’s where they reside in, their most valued items are under the roof and they definitely require the place to look appealing. We can help you in choosing the design as that’s what we have trained and invested in and all we require is for you to table your needs and expectations.


We understand that each of our clients has special needs and interests that they need to be incorporated into the roof design. Our roof technicians are trained to be flexible o fit in the client’s desires in their plans. Though we have processes to be followed, your needs come first and we will adjust our schedule to fit in your plans and timings.

In our company, we have invested in our employees and they are well informed of what to do in case of faults. In cases of damages and injuries, our able staffs will make the insurance claims process easier for you as they understand what is required.


Every homeowner have an expectation of what their residential roof should look like. Our company has standards that will ensure that you only get the best of our services. There are company’s core values that each employee should adhere to ensure that the client gets the best services.

We only employ qualified roof technicians to maintain a high level of service delivery to our clients. The technicians are regularly trained to keep them in line with the changing technologies as new designs, tools and machinery are coming up with time. Our desire to always exceed our client’s expectations is what has made us get royal clients and also get good referrals.


For any project to be accomplished satisfactorily and in time, there are processes that need to be followed. When we get a request to install a new residential roof or repair an old one, we follow the following process:

  • A site survey is done by a professional roof technician and in case it is a repair, the roof is inspected thoroughly.
  • Our staff studies the insurance claim and takes the client through; this helps the client to be able to deal with the insurer in case there is a need to do so.
  • We help the client choose a roof design that is appropriate for their house incorporating the house design, their needs and the climatic condition of their location.
  • We provide the client with the best products and materials available in the market suitable for residential roofing.
  • We give a reasonable price quote to the client and all parties sign a contract before the project is rolled out.


In our company, our clients’ need come first is that is what gives us more business leads. Our staffs are well trained to deliver not less than expertise as the company’s core values need to be maintained. We are well versed in residential roofing and our contractors can work on any design or type of roof you may think of.


For all your residential and commercial roofing needs in Kelowna.