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Roofing just like any other construction work will be faced with some problems which will need to be fixed as they arise.

Roof repairs can be done on new roofs when the installation is done shallowly or to existing roofs that are aging or are affected by bad weather.

At Ridgeline Roofing, we not only do roof installation but we also have special offers on roof maintenance and roof repairs.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced to work on your residential or commercial roof.

We understand the special needs on each roof type or design and have invested in modern tools and machinery suitable for the work.

Our company has professionals that can fix roof problems for your commercial or residential building. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you notice the following on any of your roofs:

Leaking Roof

You can have your roof leaking due to loose roofing materials, widening of gaps or a poor installation. It does not matter how small or large the leak is as it can be inconveniencing, disturbing and damaging. We advise our clients to have the leak repaired before it’s too large or more damaging.

When you ignore a small leak, it will cost you more to repair as it becomes big with time. A leaky roof that temporarily stops leaking should also be checked as it might have been sealed by debris. Our roof technicians will repair any leak present in your premises by sealing the gap or replacing the damaged material.

Discolored Roof

A discolored roof is a sign that your roof has given in to weather effects. The roofs are subjected to extreme weather changes and the effects start showing through color fading and later development of holes. You need to call a roof repairs company to get the discoloration treated and the source determined and fixed.

In our company, we have experts that will deal with all color discoloration on your roof. Our technicians will determine the cause of the discoloration and fix it before it extends or develops into holes. Is the discoloration due to algae stains, rust stains, end of roofs lifespan or the materials used were inferior? Ridgeline Roofing will determine the cause and give you a solution at a reasonable rate.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is not only unattractive but a disaster in waiting. Your roof will sag due to a weak structural design, stagnating water, excess weight or a damaged and sinking foundation. Roofing lines of your structure should not be drooping or curved as they are designed to be straight and an indication of them being curved is enough to call a roofing technician.


Our company has qualified and able technicians to restore your once beautiful roof. Whether the problem was as a result of poor installation or other inevitable sources, we have a long lasting solution for you.

It is everyone’s desire to have a commercial or residential premise with an attractive roof. We have an affordable maintenance plan that will help restore your once attractive roofs that have been subjected to wear and tear or effects of poor installation.

Replacing a roof or re-roofing is an expensive, inconvenient and tedious activity that can be avoided through regular inspection, maintenance and repairing the roof when necessary,

Finally, you should not wait for too long to fix a damaged roof as the problems get worse and expensive to repair as time passes.

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